Remove post type slug from url and replace with terms

Copy below code in your function.php file.

Create post type with url taxonomy term

“our_homes” taxonomy terms and  “property” Post type.
you must be assign category else it will error



Update the_excerpt word length

Using given code you can increase or decrease wordpress default function length.


you can just coppy and past below code in function.php file and update text length using update return value.


Wp to add custom field display in admin post list

You can add any custom field in your admin post type / page / custom post type list using below code.

Below code example for display event start date in event post type admin list.

here in below example “event” is custom post type and “event_date_start” is custom field.


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_file_description() (previously declared in /home

Hello every one.
My issue is i have make one clone of sub domain form my site with staging but when i have run staging site i have getting below error.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_file_description() (previously declared in /home

I have follow below steps: Upload all care file exclude of(wp-config.php,htaccess,and wp-content directory)

Check every file have not any static live url define in my site.

also rename sub domain with new sub domain and move all file there but cant solve.

Please give me a proper guide for solve this issue.