Activate wordpress shortcode in text widget

wordpress, wphtml

When you are working with text widget and you can add any short code there it is not working in default widget text. so we have found solution of sidebar widget working with short code.
Just one step to use shortcode in sidbat text widget.

Add below code on your them function.php file and you are able to working shortcode and script in sidebar widget.

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Worpress to Create Simple Shortcode


Any buddy can create wordpress shortcode easily its easiy. you just follow below steps to create short code on your wordpress site to enjoy.

Add given short code in your editor add php code into function.php



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WordPress to get all terms list from custom taxonomy


You can get all term list from your custom texonomy. you can return result as a object.

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Improve google seo ranking

wordpress, wphtml

Increase seo rank on your site using below steps.

SEO Articles : Must be your artical is more attractive and updated day to day.

Search Engine Submission : Add your site all url on google using google login.

Keyword selection : Select Most usable keyword from your content and must be all page have unique key word.

Meta tag optimization : must be add all page or post have unique meta tags.

Link Building : your rank increase more if in your site more url compare to your competitor.

Common SEO mistakes : do not use conman tag, do not use key word out side of content , must be update content day to day.

Add robots.txt to hide unused file and folders url.

Best wordpress SEO Plugins :
Yoast seo
All in One SEO Pack

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WordPress navigation menu code

wordpress, wphtml

You can display wordpress menu any way in header footer or sidebar using below code.

Easily manage wordptress menu calss and remove container.

Container “false” to you can remove default menu class div from menu and “true” to set div on menu.


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Get you tube thumb image from embed url

php, wordpress

Add youtube url and get you tube video image using below code.
you can no need to add aditional image upload from admin add set it on list . you can direct get you tube thumb image using below code.

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WordPress to modify the_excerp text length


wordpress to increase or decrees lenth of excerpt content on blog list or any post type listing.

add below code in function.php

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Foundestion sass configure with wordpress thtem

css, wordpress

Make wordpress theme with foundession and sass confugure from below link :Github

Command steps :
open Command promt.

Go to theme directory path.

follow below steps.

after success ful run below code

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