Post url with blog

Add Blog Post with url pree fix blog

Example :
Default :
Update :

You can just copy give code in your function.php and update permalink.


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_file_description() (previously declared in /home

Hello every one.
My issue is i have make one clone of sub domain form my site with staging but when i have run staging site i have getting below error.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_file_description() (previously declared in /home

I have follow below steps: Upload all care file exclude of(wp-config.php,htaccess,and wp-content directory)

Check every file have not any static live url define in my site.

also rename sub domain with new sub domain and move all file there but cant solve.

Please give me a proper guide for solve this issue.

PHP 7 added new features

  • Speed : Php 7 add speed as compare to 5 and 6 it is twise to double speed execution.
  • Type Declarations : with php 7 you can declare variable type in function like object, array , float or int.
  • Error Handling : it will update with fatal error and exception handling.
  • New Operators : with php 7 added new operator call “Spaceship Operator” < = >
  • Easy User-land CSPRNG : API for an easy to use and reliable Cryptographically Secure PseudoRandom Number Generator in PHP 7
    You cane generate random no with new function like( random_bytes(3) , random_int(1,15); ).

    unicode support for emoji

    echo “\u{1F60D}”; // outputs 😍

Share post and page using ajax or static path

Use below code to add button using ajax or static link from codding to share your post on social site.

Activate wordpress shortcode in text widget

When you are working with text widget and you can add any short code there it is not working in default widget text. so we have found solution of sidebar widget working with short code.
Just one step to use shortcode in sidbat text widget.

Add below code on your them function.php file and you are able to working shortcode and script in sidebar widget.