PHP 7 added new features

  • Speed : Php 7 add speed as compare to 5 and 6 it is twise to double speed execution.
  • Type Declarations : with php 7 you can declare variable type in function like object, array , float or int.
  • Error Handling : it will update with fatal error and exception handling.
  • New Operators : with php 7 added new operator call “Spaceship Operator” < = >
  • Easy User-land CSPRNG : API for an easy to use and reliable Cryptographically Secure PseudoRandom Number Generator in PHP 7
    You cane generate random no with new function like( random_bytes(3) , random_int(1,15); ).

    unicode support for emoji

    echo “\u{1F60D}”; // outputs 😍

wordpress 4.7.3 version for security

You can see mor update on wp site.
it will support follow 6 task.

  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) via media file metadata.
  • Control characters can trick redirect URL validation.
  • Unintended files can be deleted by administrators using the plugin deletion functionality.
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) via video URL in YouTube embeds.
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) via taxonomy term names.
  • Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) in Press This leading to excessive use of server resources.

DOWNLOAD wp 4.7.3 here

WordPress 4.7.3 Security and Maintenance Release

Woocommerce to add custom shipping

You can add custom shipping or fees on your woocommerce cart using below code.
make your additional charge add in eCommerce cart page add in total value based on cart or based on per product.
just add below code in your function.php file and see magic in cart page.


Contact form 7 data move to third party form

You can post your contact form 7 data to third party form. add below code in function.php.  and add js in your js file. in js just change your id and class as per your requirement.

Third party form submition

when you use below code default contact form7 thankyou message not working so you need to java script to settimout() to add custom message using given script.


Remove css and script on specific wordpress page

On your wordpress blog you have multiple style and script from plugin or them but you have no need to display all style and script on all page you can follow below step to  dequ.

you can just fien enque script name and dequeu it on specific page.